About us

STARMANN GERMANY® Autoteile is a new brand on the automotive aftermarket. It uses over 20 years of experience in trading on eastern and western markets by looking after passenger cars and delivery vans. Our well known manufacturers, who make products of the highest quality, guarantee regular shipments and still widen their offers. STARMANN Company will do all that is necessary to keep high quality of the products, what we do by laboratory research and obtaining technical certificates.

About the Company

STARMANN Corporation is made up of a few companies with a head office in Schwedt, Germany.
Including our 3 warehouses in Germany, Poland and Ukraine, there are 8 thousand cubical meters of space to your disposal.
Modern transportation solutions give us ability to deliver our products to any place.

To the Client

We’re inviting to cooperation all clients from the automotive aftermarket.
The Starmann Team will realize even the most difficult orders in a modern and professional way. From 6 years we’re glad to have ISO 9000-2001 certificate, what controls all our procedures and activities that concerns effective services offered to our clients.